Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Fun!

Winter is flying by.  We have been having so much fun skiing, making forts, doing art projects, and learning to fly.  Liesl and Dave spend many weekend mornings jumping off of things in every fashion you can imagine trying to get lift off.  Here is a hodge podge of photos for you.

Beautiful night for playing outside in the fluff!

snow in the eyes!

we have dug a snow fort around our largest tree in the yard.

when you are in the fort you must hide from every person walking by,  so this means most time is spent on the ground .

what a great winter for playing outside!!

Liesl has also been doing cross-country ski lessons this year.  The program is really fun.  The very last day there is a race for the kids and Liesl rocked it! If you notice one ski is broken, lucky for us that happened after the race or we might have had a real problem.  So I guess since she loves it so much we are now looking for "fast skis" as Liesl likes to call them.

She was soooooo proud of finishing the race.  It was 1/2 K through the woods, without us.  She just took off and about 5 minutes later there she was racing for the finish line with a huge grin on her face. 

Sad ski, I guess we won't be handing these down to anyone!

Liesl has also decided that she will be an Artist when she grows up.  So we have been practicing many different kinds of art.  This day we were sculptors.


Liesl named each sculpture.  This is Star Flower.

From Left to Right - Curl Cottage, Star Flower, Cake Top, Fairy Twinkle Star, and Twinkle Cottage.

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bat act said...

Congratulations Liesl! I can't believe you were in a ski race. That is soooo... cool!