Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Winter in Minnesota. Time to turn up the humidifier a few notches eh!

You can be bob the builder too!

Auntie Amanda brought Liesl a hard hat and goggles to go with her tool set. I think the hat is particularly lovely on Amanda.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Girlfriends are neat!

Last week was super cold -50 wind chill and school was even cancelled. This was the perfect reason to call Isla and Erin to come over since Erin is a school teacher we were thrilled to call them up on a Friday morning and have them to tea. Erin reads a story to our little Princess Liesl and little Princess Isla.

Liesl and Isla showed us some amazing dance moves and gorgeous dresses.

Tea and fairy cakes time! We so enjoyed having tea together (moms got coffee). The girls are getting so good at pretending and playing that Erin and I actually had some adult conversation instead of refereeing the girls.

So the girls don't only play dress up and drink tea. Another day, this time at the Pep's house, the girls had a great game of hockey in the basement! It is so fun to have girlfriends.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Silent Night - a la Liesl and green monkey

Liesl loves to sing. She learned Silent Night as well as many other holiday songs. We have tried to capture them on tape and here is a pretty good one but you might have to crank the volume. Enjoy!

Fashion Show!!

We travelled out to PA for New Year's celebrating and to spend some time with Dave's family. I forgot the camera so I have to get photos from other people. However these hats were a gift from Dave's Mom. She knows I have a love for all things vintage or antique. These hats are hand made by one of Liesl's great great great aunts (I think, maybe great grandmother, I better find out). So she decided she wanted to have a fashion show. Some of these photos I am floored at how much she resembles my childhood photos!