Sunday, February 20, 2011

Benjamin Visits!

Liesl's  cousin Benjamin is visiting from Florida this week.  He has not really experienced snow or cold weather much so we are trying to do as many things as we can to give him a good taste of MN winter fun!  We started out with sledding in the 25-50mph gusts of wind and 15 degree weather (why not?).  Then somehow I convinced Dave and Benjamin to do the Polar Bear Plunge!  This entails you and about 800 other crazy people to jump in to Lake Superior!  The temp was around 15 and they had to clear the ice chunks out of the jumping area.  We quickly made phone calls to raise the required funds, for the Special Olympics (no this was not just for kicks, it was a great cause).  I think Benjamin could definitely be a Minnesotan (if only we could get him to zip up his jacket!). A great first 2 days don't you think!?

Benjamin was really questioning our sanity as we made him put on layer after layer after layer.  When we got outside he began to understand.


10 for originality 8 for skill

Minnesota fashion!

Liesl went into hyper show and tell mode the moment B arrived! 
toasty toes

learning letters - what a good cousin!

Through the polar bear to the lake!
Check out the Slush!!!  Brrrrrr!
Here They Go!!!!!!!!

Still smiling and alive afterward!

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bat act said...

brrr... I get cold just hearing that wind whipping in that video!