Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Want To Ride My Bicycle!

 Check out this girl! Liesl is completely smitten with her new bike.  After a summer of not finding one at garage sales, I finally took Liesl to pick out her own.  This bike features a shiney noisy bell, purple handle bars with streamers, and princesses emblazoned all over!!!

Dave and I are both a little suprised at her endurance and ability to go up hills on this thing.  She powers through and would bike all night long if we let her! 

Liesl is instrumental in my cooking, and she loves posing for photos when I take pictures for my other blog.  However I am not sure that I want photos of her on my other blog.  So you will get a peek at some of our future food blog entries on this blog!

Oh just wait until I post this recipe!!!  It was amazing!  It is a chocolate pudding with a very secret ingredient.  I wish I could post these on the other blog too!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hay Ride!

Liesl's preschool had an amazing hay ride out at a ranch last weekend. The kids enjoyed horse back rides and hay rides. The girls giggled away the entire ride. We all smiled at the beautiful night and the gorgeous shining faces of our little ones in the evening sun.