Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandma's Marathon Weekend Fun!

I decided to post this photo first even though it is the finishing photo of the marathon. Dave did very well in the marathon this year especially considering the heat (it was miserable even for the spectators). After this photo was taken he showered and headed off to Alpine Valley to see his favorite band, Phish, in concert. Auntie Laurie ran the whole thing this year too but Liesl was napping at Jude's house when she was finishing so I did not get photos of her. You will have to check her blog for thos photos.

Happy mothers of the Whippersnapper racers, Liesl and Jude. Can you believe there is a photo of Laurie and I on a blog? That never happens!

There she goes! She got a ribbon and a bottle of water and some yummy snacks as a prize, it was super fun and Liesl has been asking to run in another race ever since.

Here we are at Jude's house on the morning of the marathon watching the racers from across the bay and cheering. Then we had a hearty breakfast of homemade power bars to get ready for watching the rest of the festivities and races.
Here is the runners' biggest fan. She sat there for over 1/2 an hour just clapping and cheering while we waited for Dave to arrive. Enjoy the following video of Dave at mile 25.5, looking great!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fairy Girl with a Pill Bug (so perfect)

Hanging out in our beautiful fairy-like yard with our little fairy princess Liesl, digging for worms and bugs. Liesl can now tell the difference between millipedes and centipedes (I can't but she can!).

So, here she is once again with a bug in the bucket. This bug was particularly big and scary (in my opinion) Liesl dug this giant beetle up and promptly stuck it in my face saying "Look Mom!"enthusiastically. Now the bug was a little to close to my face and I proceeded to scream (it was really big) I scared Liesl and she started crying! I felt so bad. She loves bugs so much. So I then tried really hard to explain that I was just suprised and that it was indeed a lovely bug. We kept it in the jar all day just admiring it's largeness and creepiness and loveliness.

This photo is in here for Alicia and Heather. I don't know which one of you bought this interesting skirt, but in the bins of beautiful clothing that we have been handed down, this is the one item that she imediately needed to wear. She danced around all afternoon in this ensemble.