Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Liesl

I am breaking into my sisters blog to post a picture of Liesl since it has been way to long since her last post and she promises me she will start up dating more than once every 6 months so I, her sister who is half way across the country and misses seeing updated pictures of her niece soooo... much, can see what she is up to and how she is growing more often (no pressure!) Nana sent me this picture that I am posting of Liesl opening presents on her birthday. She had a special day at Auntie Lisha's cabin swimming around like the little fish that she is. Happy Fourth Birthday Liesl. You are growing up so fast! Love, Auntie Manda

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Jerri said...

I, for one, am very thankful to Amanda for doing this! I was craving a Liesl photo so badly, especially on her fourth birthday! How is this possible??? I held her when she was so tiny and have watched her grow all these years and now she's four!!! And Dave and Jodie are 10!!! Too much. Thanks for posting. :) And happy birthday to both of our July babies, coming up, Amanda.