Monday, July 19, 2010

Blueberry Birthday!

4 Years old! We have continued the tradition, and celebrated at Sand Lake. As a child I always had my birthday parties at Sand Lake too. So this feels so right and good. Thanks to all of the family for making this day so special for Liesl every year. xoxoxoxoxo

Oh so Sweet!!!

Liesl received this adorable suit (it really is a swimming suit) from Nana and Papa, and she danced around in the water the whole afternoon!

On to the next cabin for the 4th of July weekend. We are soooooo lucky to have these magical places to spend our summer weekends.

Oh Yummmmmmm. S'mores
Look it's Chippie the most blogged Chipmunk in the whole world!!

Ahhhhh. Beautiful!

Blueberry picking was one of the highlights of the weekend. Liesl loved it and we picked.. wait for it.......... 4 GALLONS!!!!! Can't tell you where though!!

Here Liesl is enjoying a couple of her birthday gifts. The Bug Sprinkler and tree swing go very well together!! Thanks again everyone. xoxoxox


bat act said...

Wow, looks like a great birthday weekend. I remember spending my birthdays at Sand Lake too, good choice Liesl. Can't wait to see your sweet little face in less than a week!
-Auntie Manda

Jerri said...

Oh my goodness!! Way too cute and so happy you blogged about it. Liesl is getting so big--how did that happen? I miss her. Can't wait to see you guys soon? ish?