Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where has the time gone!!

SNOW!!! We have been waiting and waiting for a little snow. Liesl immediately wanted to pull out the skiis. We are looking forward to many more snowy ski days this winter.
Time to hang up the lights while the weather is still warm....ish.

Gram and Pop Pop (Dave's parents) came out to visit this fall. It was great timing for fall yard clean-up. I don't know how many bags of leaves we had this year but it was over 20! We had amazing weather and spent most of the week outside playing.

This is the process of making Liesl's Halloween costume. She had been saying she wanted to be Charlotte from Charlotte's Web for about a month. So we got busy and after more than a little effort and many trips to Micheal's we fashioned spiderwebs and legs with a purple body and black legs. So, Halloween arrived and Liesl found some pink pajamas in her bin of clothing. She promptly decided that she was going to be Wilbur instead. She wouldn't even try on the Charlotte costume (otherwise I would have a picture here). So she wore pink pajamas, no tail, no snout, just pink fuzzy pajamas. She was Wilbur, she told me to wear overalls so I could be the farmer and Dave was instructed to wear brown and have a big belly to be Templeton. I will now wait until Halloween day to make a costume, or better yet go to Target.

Liesl and her friend Isla looking out the window for trick or treaters.
Our beautiful pumpkins.

Just being a goof ball!