Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Fashion Show!

We like to call this one "Carrie Bradshaw".
Little Irish Lassie.

Auntie Alicia went through her bins of dress up clothes from her two very fasionable girls the other weekend. We were the lucky recipients of the fashion show in a bag. Liesl loves to put one on right after the other run into the room to show one of us and run out for her costume change. She might do well in theater (at least in the quick change). With all of these outfits what in the world will she be for Halloween? She changes her mind daily. Perhaps she will be a model and change outfits all day long over and over and over. Thanks Auntie!!!


bat act said...

Super cute! I love the Carrie Bradshaw the best!

Edgertons said...

OMG.....the picture with the blue and poka dot outfit, it is Jodie when she was little. So crazy, it is identical.

Anonymous said...

I love Carrie Bradshaw .

Anonymous said...

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