Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Performance

Liesl loves her preschool so much and she reeeeeally loves when they have performances.  Now this is not just kids shouting jingle bells.  Her teachers are amazing and they work on dances and songs and poems from about October on.  They did a great tap dance to up on the housetop.  I will try to get it on here.  Anyhow the performance was a success, only one little girl left the "stage" crying.  Then we had an amazing potluck with 25 crazy preschoolers running around like mad.  Nana and Papa came and Liesl was so glad -even though she was trying not to smile.

Liesl and I found this fabric and we decided she must have dress made from it. 
So last week I sewed up a storm and here it is, it fits!
 I was a little afraid we wouldn't get it over her head.


Hamming it up!

She is trying sooooo hard not to smile.

Here is the start of the tap dance, candy canes and all.

She was concentrating very hard.

Yeah!  Nana and Papa!

Suppertime with all of our friends.

Liesl and her good friend Alice.

These are 2 of Liesl's best friends from school.  We managed to close down the party!

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bat act said...

i love the dress liesl!!!