Tuesday, November 2, 2010


the carving begins

this is the first time Liesl has ever wanted a scary Jack-o-Lantern

Liesl loves these teeth.  This photo cracks me up!

That is better, a nice sweet woodland fairy.
 Liesl has decided that her fairy name is going to be Birch.

We have been putting on different face paint just about every day this week.

Liesl (she has the teeth in again) and her cousin Jude ready to hit the town!

Jax looking tough in his spidy costume

Buds!  Isla came over to hand out candy (this tradition is great).

Here we are, Liesl wanted me to be a leaf pile and Dave was, as you can see, an elephant.

Happy Halloween!

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Jerri said...

Aw...Liesl is a beautiful fairy!!!! And I love the pumpkins, too! :)