Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who needs Disney?

 Liesl has been talking about roller coasters and rides and princesses etc.  So we thought Disney!  Then we thought, even better the MOA and the Renaissance Festival!  We can drive there and do it all in one action packed weekend!  We went on every ride she could ever want at the MOA and visited the wonderful butterfly garden.  Then the next day we went to the Ren. Fest.  It was the most fun I can remember having in a long time - and we generally have lots of fun.  The costumes and actors and food and fairies were unforgettable and we are already looking forward to next year!

Liesl and Dave on the "roller coaster" train.  We were not sure
that she was enjoying herself until the ride was over.

You can touch the butterflies!

here are some cocoons

finally one landed on her head (this was her goal!)

one more ride on the Carousel

We made sure to bring Liesl's princess cape.  It was chilly
so she wore it over her winter jacket.

drinking hot cocoa - did they have Styrofoam during the Renaissance?

I think Liesl liked this ride better than any at the MOA.  It is powered by a person
pushing the center pole. 

This permagrin says it all!  It was a magical weekend!

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bat act said...

looks like lots of fun! I love the face paint! And I love your new hair cut Jodie!