Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Fest!!!

Fall fest is one of the many great festivals around town this time of year. We decided to have a fall gathering and the weather cooperated perfectly. We had tons of kids and parents and friends over for treats and coffee and running around. Liesl is at the age where she doesn't need constant supervision and she and her friends actually play Together!!! not just next to each other. I think we might have an annual event on our hands.

Liesl rode the horse at the festival and we cheered her on. Dad was a great side-kick.
Here is the requisite face painting. Liesl choose a bug and a skull and cross bones to go with her princess dress!

Here are some of our friends enjoying the party. It was great to have everyone just hanging out in the yard lounging in the grass while the kids whirled around us.

Dad plays horsey. I think he needs a treat like the horses at the festival, maybe some apples.
After the official party was over the Peps helped us clean up and we decided the girls were filthy and playing so well that we couldn't end the party yet. So the girls hopped in the tub and we ordered pizza. Here the girls are doing some workbook pages together. A great end to a great day.


Anonymous said...

Liesl, you're the cutest little girl in all the land. You looked so pretty at you're fun festival. We miss your laugh and songs in Connecticut. Have a great fall. Love uncle Brian

Anonymous said...

Forgive my typo, I'm using auntie mandas phone

Anonymous said...

Liesl, thank you for inviting me over today, after looking at your cute pictures it made me want to be with you. I love your new fairy dress, you look so pretty. Love you, Nana