Monday, July 6, 2009

3 Years Old!!!

What a great weekend filled with family and tons of fun. Liesl turned 3 and we celebrated first at Auntie Alicia's cabin then on to Nana and Papa's. We are so lucky for so many things!
Swimming with Dad!
Our little fish is learning how to swim at the YMCA and she can actually move forward kicking now. That may not seem like much but we are so proud.

We are now confident that we can go on a boundary waters trip with Liesl. She is one heck of a paddler!

Feeding the chipmunks and squirrels at the cabin is one of the most exciting activities. At one point the squirrel nibbled Nana's finger and Liesl spent the rest of the weekend yelling at him everytime he came near.

This is the first time Liesl has ever roasted marshmallows and needless to say she loved them!

It is pretty great how we get to do fireworks for Liesl's birthday every year. What a great time for a birthday.

Yes there is a giant spider inside of that necklace!

It is real but this one is dead.

Liesl has a wonderful balance of princess and bug lover.

So, I have mentioned Liesl's love of bugs before, right. Well, for Liesl's birthday present Auntie Alicia found a bug holder necklace, this spider happens to be not living anymore but she had a live one in the bug holder for a couple of hours.

Once again Nana has pulled off a cake made to order. Here is Liesl's robin icecream cake as requested.

Our friends Erin and Esmae came over for popcorn and a movie for Liesl's birthday night. What fun hanging with the girls.

Auntie Karen sent a new raincoat for the birthday girl. As always our Florida family did not disappoint and sent the cutest Disney raincoat ever. Liesl wore it for the rest of the present opening. Thank you to everyone who made Liesl's 3rd birthday so very special.


Jerri said...

what great photos! i still can't believe liesl is three. what a trip! you guys looked like you had a lot of fun!!!

bat act said...

I am proud of Liesl for liking spiders. She will have to fend them off for her little cousin Cal because I can't handle staying calm around spiders like you. Hats off to you! My son will just have to be a wimp.

Edgertons said...

post some new pictures already...