Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mixed up photos, but still fun!

We headed up to the northland for the YMCA annual Black Cat and Pumpkin Races. Liesl and Rory after the Pumpkin Run showing off their prizes.
We are ready for the Black cat race now!!
Liesl did the pumpkin run (1 block) Jodie (liesl in the jogger) did the 5 k and Dave did the 10 K.
Free range Kangaroo!!!

Here is the line up for the Pumpkin Run. Liesl Rory and Nana are about to start.
Rory was a bit emotional, races are tough on the psyche.
Liesl left them behind in the dust! (thats our girl)

Yes this apple really is as big as Liesl's head! These apples from our trees are organic I swear!
Dave's parents visited from PA. Here is Pop Pop picking apples from our trees with Liesl.

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Shelley said...

hey jodi
nice to see you at the race. i'm still so impressed you pushed liesl in the stroller that far!!