Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Your blisters will heal long before her cancer will.

My 3 Day Breast Cancer walk was last weekend and I don't know if I can express what a life changing experience it was. These photos are of some of the 3600 beautiful men and women walking and participating in the 60 mile journey. We raised over 7 million dollars for breast cancer research, prevention, and education. I encourage anyone who has ever thought of doing this to indeed do it! I am signing up for next year already. The power of that many people in one place hoping and praying and doing something to stop this disease from affecting even one more person absolutely takes your breath away. The training and the blisters and the fundraising really were nothing compared to the benefits I have gleaned from this experience. The title of this entry is from one of the many signs posted along our walk by supporters handing out candy and freezy pops and hugs.
I will cherish this past weekend forever. Thank you all who supported my journey with well wishes and donations.

p.s. the woman in the picture is named Amy Taylor. My tentmate Heather sent me a link to her caring bridge site. This disease affects far too many people and many of them young women with families. Check out her site if you have a chance.

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