Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Liesl loves to sing songs and baa baa black sheep is an absolute favorite along with twinkle twinkle little star and the abc's. Notice they all have the same tune. She doesn't sing all of the words but it sure is cute! Here is her rendition along with some action from the little woolen sheep. Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

That was so fun to watch! Celia enjoyed it too...she even added her own "baa baa's" to go along with Liesl. I can't get over how well she talks...that is really amazing!!


It's only going to be a tiny trim...I'm too attached to her wild mane!

bat act said...

Liesl, Hannah Montana's got nothing on you!

Jerri said...

that is just tooo cute! i can't wait to see her again and enjoy all that singing and chatting in person!

Anonymous said...

thank you liesl for making me smile again. you sing pretty like your auntie amanda.

-uncle brian

Anonymous said...

Boy was that fun to see on a Friday afternoon before going home for the weekend.This was just as good as Frosty the Noman.
Papa John

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to watch how babies learn and process their language skills, especially this one! She is soooo sweet...what a treasure. Sally T.