Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Poor no man"

Wow it is actually warm out here!
We will have to fix our snowman and give him a new nose,
because the squirrels ate the last two.

Look Jude my "no man" is so nice, and his nose is really great.

Hey....! Jude....! Oh no "no man"! Don't eat his nose!!!!!


Jerri said...

This is absolutely hilarious and I love that Liesl is sporting the very cool baby legs (I have to say) that her "Uncle Mark and Aunt Jerri" gave her. Super fun! Thanks for posting. You have no idea how many times Mark and I say, "oh no no man" based on Liesl's comments on the first nose falling off when we were up to see you earlier this month. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love little fashionista's outfit!! She is soooo coordinated and with matching mittens!! The no man is no competition for little no girl!! Sally (brian's mom)

Anonymous said...

looking good liesl.. have fun making no mans because pretty soon it's going to get warm and we'll all be hitting golf balls. yes. see you soon!

(sally's son)

Anonymous said...

I suppose Liesl can get back at Jude this summer and stomp on his sand castles