Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let it no, Let it no, Let it no

The first snowfall of the year! Liesl and I had to run to every window in the house and yell "wow snow" or in Lieslese "wow nooooo"

Our yard is an absolute winter wonderland dream when it snows!


Anonymous said...

your yard is amazing in the snow, and even cuter with liesl running around it.

thanks for the cd's!!!!!!!

hi liesl, can you say snow?

uncle brian

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. I will bookmark your blog on our home computer. Love the yard and all the snow. I hate winter but..would love looking at your winter scenes from let's say Florida. Liesi sure is a cutie.

Uncle Brian's Dad

Anonymous said...

We sure miss Duluth - the snow is lovely...funny to look at as is was 60 and sunny here yesterday! What a WONDER this Christmas will be with Liesl...enjoy every minute.

Maras4 in Nebraska